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Now that the wedding date has been set, and you’ve been given the honour of being bridesmaid - planning for the Hen Party Weekend can commence!

Planning a bachelorette party may seem like the most daunting task to set out on, especially if you have no prior experience.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve pulled together The Ultimate Hen Party Planning Checklist  to help you plan a girls weekend to remember!

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1. Create an invite list

This is the one task where the bride-to-be will have to pitch in! Unlike the wedding day, there should be no formality with regard to who she does and doesn’t invite to her hen party weekend.

Choose the nearest and dearest who make her happy and bring good vibes when they are around.

If you want to please everyone and tick all boxes; it’s also an option to include a morning event such as brunch to include the mum’s, aunts and granny’s before heading off to your final destination with friends for more of a party-vibe!

Our dance classes are designed to be suitable for all numbers, ages and abilities and therefore act as the perfect activity for those wanting a more relaxed, chilled weekend, whilst getting the party animals geared up for the night ahead!

2. Choose your location

Ireland is bursting at the seams with quaint towns, lively cities and traditional tourist destinations perfect for hosting girly weekends away. If you are in search of something elegant; look towards Westport in Co. Mayo, or Adare in Co. Limerick.


For those wanting to party; Galway City has never failed our hens, or for a change of scenery head to Carrick On Shannon in Co. Leitrim. If you have hens visiting from overseas, why not give them a taste of Ireland and head to Killarney in Co Kerry.

Wherever you choose, consider travel duration and transport to and from your destination. Also consider the more popular destinations will come with a higher price tag, especially during peak season (May – August).

Now that you have your guest list finalised, you must also consider where everyone will be travelling from. Those visiting from overseas may need to stay close to the airport, whilst those without a car may be dependent on public transport.

Dance Fix are based Nationwide and we travel to your party; so booking your dance class activity, wherever you may end up, is never an issue!

3. Set a date

1 to 2 months in advance of the wedding is the ideal timeframe. It gives your guests time between both events to be financially comfortable and recover ahead of the big day!

Consider other weddings, events, or hen parties that may clash with certain dates within this time frame and do your best to work around them.

4. Create a timetable

I know this may sound strict and, well, boring! But, creating a timetable of how your weekend will run is essential in getting organised and planning all aspects of your hen party weekend.

As a starting point; decide what time you want to arrive at the venue, schedule in at least 2 hours for your dance class, decide when you will schedule in some party games, how long will you set aside for dinner, where you will go out that night and what time you want to return the following day.

Be realistic about timings and allow for outfit changes after activities, down-time after traveling etc.

5. Pick your theme

This is where the fun begins! Choosing a theme for your weekend has so many benefits; not only can it make the weekend incredibly personal to the bride-to-be, but it can also facilitate you in the planning process.

For vintage themed weekends; go for a 1920’s flapper-style dance routine, swing back to the 60’s or take out your neon leggings for an 80’s dance class.

Take inspiration from movie classics such as Dirty Dancing or Grease (Pink Ladies!). Or simply go in the style of your pop star icon with a Beyonce, Spice Girls or Tina Turner themed weekend.

Whatever your style – we’ve got you covered! If you're in need of some inspiration; check out a full list of our Dance Styles and unique Themes.

6. Budget

Hen Party costs can escalate quite quickly when you add everything up. It’s important to consider your guest list and what their limit may be. As lovely as it is to treat your bride-to-be, you don’t want to exclude others due to cost.

Essentials such as your transport, accommodation, activity and meals can often be budgeted based on group rates, so be sure to question this upon booking.

To keep the bottom line down, you may want to consider refining some of your additional costs. Some of these may include:

  • Destination – consider the additional travel costs included in being further from home

  • Accommodation – as glamorous as a 5 star hotel may be, an adorable cottage or chic apartment you can share may work out much cheaper per head. An additional benefit of self-serve accommodation is that you can BYOB and whip up your own buffet breakfast the following morning.

  • Activity – Our dance classes are the perfect solution to accommodate all backgrounds, ages and abilities and break the ice for your hen party weekend. As we come to you, hiring venues are never an issue - saving you an additional cost without sacrificing an ounce of fun! 

7. Delegate jobs

As wonderful a job as you are doing so far – it’s important that you share the load and allow mums, sisters, fellow bridesmaids, and even the groom-to-be to chip in! Planning a hen party is a team effort. Delegate tasks such as; prepping party games, buying accessories and props and sending invites to others, to allow you to focus on communicating with the party and dealing with the financial end of things.

8. Book your activity

Now that you know how many ladies will be attending your party, you’ve chosen your destination and theme, and you have set a budget – it’s time to book you hen party activity.

Dance Fix are based nationwide, and our dance classes have been one of the leading hen party activities for years. Not only are our dance classes budget friendly, but we also come to you – wherever you may be. Our professional instructors can tailor our classes to suit your theme and make them personal to you and your weekend. For more info on our classes, contact us today or visit our FAQ page for more information!

9. Order your props

Hen Party props add another element of fun to your weekend. Gone are the days of suggestive plastic straws and blow up dolls! Websites such as The Hen Planner, and Etsy offer an array of adorable, chic and classy hen party props to help bring your weekend to life.

For themed weekends, choose props that match your theme. Feather boas for burlesque, temporary tattoos for Rockabilly, or pink afro wigs for groovy 70’s weekends!

Other non-essential (yet adorable!) prop ideas include; hangover-kits, survival guides, personalised PJ’s, prosecco gummies (yes, these exist!!) and #bridetribe badges!

10.  Send official Invitations

One of the final items to check of the list is sending invites to your guest list. This will be the final, written confirmation of dates, times, destination, venues, activities and themes. Paper invitations are a great way to carry your theme through the weekend, and act as a keepsake for after. Some other options include creating your own e-card, or setting up a Facebook event group.

It’s important to set a date for RSVP should anyone change their mind. Also state how much the weekend will cost per person, and let your guests know now if a deposit is required.

Be cautious of what information can and cannot be divulged with your bride-to-be and make your guests aware of this now too!

11. Enjoy the weekend!

When the weekend finally arrives, be sure to take it all in your stride and enjoy it! Hen party weekends will never run to military precision, so expect delays and last minute changes – this is all part of the fun!

Hen Parties are all about making memories, laughing until your sides are sore and dancing your heart out – once you’ve checked these last 3 criteria off the list, then you have successfully completed your mission!

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